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What A Techie Person Should Bring for Any Trip


A vacation is a period set aside for rejuvenation, relaxation, and adventure. However, just because you are relaxing on a sandy beach doesn’t mean you have to leave your gadgets behind. You will need to stay entertained, powered up, and productive in that airport, hotel room, or friend’s house. As much as you would want to pack those fancy gadgets such as a smartwatch, there are other devices that may not be as cool, but surely are essential for your trip and that you should not leave behind.

Read on to ensure you don’t forget any of the essential gadgets when going on vacation.


Every modern device requires it to be charged after some time. The power supply for most machines is 240V for the rest of the world and 110V for the U.S. Leaving your charger induces the most anxiety. Ensure you pack your phone charger, laptop charger, a portable battery pack, and plug adapters.

If you are going to a foreign country, ensure your charger supports international power standards. In addition, you might need an adapter to make your charger connect to the foreign outlet. These adapters cost approximately ten times more when purchased from an airport as they do in your local store.

Portable storage

A compact external drive or a USB flash drive will come in handy when you want to transfer files between two laptops. A pen drive will also help when you want to hand over some documents to be printed for you at the hotel’s front desk.

Travel router

You have probably been disappointed by poor internet connection during your travels. In most hotels, the connection is either limited, insecure, or weak. A compact travel router comes in handy to provide reliable and strong internet connectivity. Most of the travel routers are light and portable. Also, a personal router provides a secure connection.


A set of noise-cancelling headphones will help block the engine noises and permit you to sleep. You can also block out noise from crying babies and unruly teenagers when relaxing on the beach.

Portable speakers

portable speaker

If you are travelling with your friends, you may have an impromptu party. Portable speakers will come in handy to entertain you and your friends. Recent models have USB ports and Bluetooth.

Digital camera

As a techie, you want to document your vacation with a high-quality camera. Today, there are small cameras that take quality pictures and can be used underwater. You can even get camera models with built-in WiFi for sharing photos and videos to your social media platforms.

Smart suitcase

Nowadays, you can use your phone to check the location of your suitcase, the weight, and whether it was opened. Some suitcases have USB connections that can charge devices. You can make an ordinary suitcase smart by installing a tracker on your bags.


Sometimes, a techie needs to pack more than just a phone and a laptop for a trip. There is a lot of logistics to plan on your trip. High chances are you will need these devices on your vacation. It will help if you carry these devices from home as they could be costly to acquire in a foreign country or at the airport. Pack these items to ensure maximum comfort on your trip.