T-Mobile to phase out all Non-VoLTE technologies.

An internal document has leaked that T-Mobile is planning to remove all the non-VoLTE smartphones from its network. The internal document shared by Android Police shows that the time frame starts from August itself. And in the future, no non-VoLTE phones will be accepted in the network.

You may not know, but these non-VoLTE smartphones do take the network capacity thus overloading the network. And therefore, it leaves less of the load capacity of each band meant for 4G/LTE. I may not be the best one to explain all this, but this is all that I know.

As per the document, as far as August 4rth, T-Mobile will start executing its plans to phase out the non-VoLTE technology from its network. And you might have a very few months to enjoy your stay on T-Mobile. After the completion of the phase-out plan, you might either switch to a different carrier or switch to a VoLTE-enabled smartphone. You might get to use the phones till January 2021, and after that, you have the above-said choice.

As per a T-Mobile representative:

We’re making great progress building a truly transformative nationwide 5G network. As part of that, we will be phasing out some older technologies over time to free up even more capacity for LTE and 5G. In preparation for that and to give customers the best experience, those activating new lines at T-Mobile will need a VoLTE capable device, which is all we’ve offered for years now and represents the overwhelming majority of devices on the network.

What is expected to be a smaller userbase on the network, T-Mobile will start sending SMS to the userbase about the phase-out pretty soon.

Source: Android Authority via Android Central

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