Lenovo Legion

Lenovo Legion gaming phone announced!


Lenovo has finally launched its gaming phone, the Lenovo Legion. However, you cannot expect the smartphone worldwide, as this smartphone will launch in certain countries only.

The smartphone is going to carry some heavy specifications out of the box. The Lenovo Legion will come with a 6.65-inch IPS LCD screen with a whopping refresh rate of 144Hz. Inside, it packs a Snapdragion 865+ Soc, along side 12/16GB RAM and 512GB of UFS 3.1 storage.

Lenovo has split the battery into two 2,500mAh battery, that is, you will get a total of 5,000mAh battery power. When the battery is split into two, then you should better know that the phone charges from two different USB Type-C ports.

Lenovo has placed two haptic motors horizontally, so that it can give “life-like” experience to the players. Other than that, you will see two front-facing speakers, alongside, two ultrasonic trigger buttons as well.

However, Lenovo is a step ahead of designing its hardware. It got its Legion “Y” logo placed horizontally which makes sense, TBH. Since its a fully fledged gaming smartphone, you will see RGB as well. And the Dual Camera setup is placed differently than any other smartphone in the market. It is placed just the side of the Y logo (when held horizontally).

The front facing camera is placed uniquely as well. It seems that you can also stream the game while playing and the camera is placed in such a way that you generally see in a desktop game streaming setup. It pops out of the side of the smartphone and has a 20MP sensor.

The Lenovo Legion will be available in the Midddle east, China, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Africa. The pricing isn’t known yet.

Source: 9to5Google

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