Google Maps now shows cycling routes

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Google Maps will now show you directions using rented bikes from docked-bike share schemes. It works in giving us the directions to the near dock, to our place. It will give you cycling direction from one dock to another dock, after that to your destination.

This new feature in Google maps comes in this Pandemic situation, cause everyone needs to maintain social distance between them. Where ever they go they need to maintain social distance, to keep them away from COVID-19. As environmentally friendly and citizens also need to maintain social distancing, this new functionality comes in place.

Google said that from February the requests had been increased by 69%, to show Cycling directions to their destinations. The new functionality helps you to find the docked-bikes near you.

The new feature in Google Maps will be available to the users in the coming weeks. The cities cited by Google are Chicago, New-York city,  San Francisco Bay Area; Washington, Mexico City. And London, Montreal, Rio De Janeiro; São Paulo; and Taipei and New Taipei City.



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