Six Best Fitness Apps if you are over 60

If you’re over 60, chances are, you’ll see exercise as challenging, since you don’t have the strength that you had in yesteryears. And for some of us, in general, exercising and being fit doesn’t come easily. 

The good news is, there’s a lot of amazing technology that can help you live a cleaner, and more active lifestyle. So, if you’re looking to lose weight, or to simply eat and live more healthily, here are six apps that can help you do just that. And, they’re free to download on iOS and Android.

  1. Map My Walk

“Seeing that walking is one of the best ways to get in shape, there’s definitely an app that lets you do just that,” says Bianca Redfern, a tech writer at Australian help and Paper fellows. “All you have to do is download Map My Walk, and get out there. The secret is that the app uses the GPS in your phone to map out walking routes, and even records details of your workout like duration, distance, pace, speed, and elevation. Also, as you calculate the number of calories you’ve burned, and eventually create a history of your walks, tracking your progress over time is made easy.” 

This app also has companion apps like May My Run (if you’re a runner) and Map My Ride (if you’re on a bicycle).

  1. Nike+ Training Club

The Nike+ Training Club app comes with over 100 trainer-certified workouts and other great features, that it’s almost hard to believe that it’s free. The app lets you customize your workout plan depending on what equipment you have on hand, as well as your starting fitness level. The app also lets you target specific areas of the body, so that you can experiment with different strength, endurance and mobility.

  1. My Fitness Pal

With My Fitness Pal, it’s never been easier to lose weight, or just eat healthier. It helps you set weight-loss goals, record what you eat, and track all your activities. Not to mention, the app comes with a food database of more than 5 million items, as well as a bar code scanner if you want to scan food items. These features help you choose wisely the next time you’re at the supermarket, restaurant, or even cooking at home. And, speaking of cooking, the app also offers healthy recipes that you can try out. 

  1. Pocket Yoga

Want to lower your blood pressure, ease stress, reduce back pain, and even lose weight? You don’t need to stress out on wearing yoga pants, or doing pretzel-shaped poses, when you have the Pocket Yoga app. With a large database of illustrations and videos that show you how to do more than 200 poses that are designed by certified yoga instructors, you can start small, and then work your way towards advanced yoga.

  1. Instant Heart Rate

While exercise can be the number one ally for heart health, it can also be harmful if you do too much exercise. Therefore, it’s important to monitor your heart, and, more importantly, know your limitations when it comes to exercise. The Instant Heart Rate app lets you put the tip of your index finger on the camera lens of your phone. Once that’s done, you’ll get an accurate reading in seconds, plus reports and charts about your heart rate.

  1. 7 Minute Workout

“Let’s face it: We’ve all heard of the tired excuse of not having time to do workouts,” says Sara Templeton, a business blogger at Boomessays and State of writing. “But with the 7 Minute Workout app, it shows you that seven minutes is plenty of time to work out. With over 20 million users to date, this app offers fast, effective and equipment-free routines that you can do on the fly. And, it builds a workout program for you based on your goal, whether it’s to get fit, lose weight, or grow stronger. There are also illustrations that show you how to get each exercise right and avoid any injuries.”


So, what are you waiting for? You don’t have to give up on fitness, because of your age. As you try out these six apps, you’ll find eating healthy and staying active as easy as finding a support system like friends and family. You can be happy knowing that there’s an app for you, regardless of fitness and skill level. 

Molly Crockett writes for and She is also an editor for As a marketing writer, she shares her lifestyle and personal development advice with her audience.

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