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I hate wireless earphones, and here is why.

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Apple began the trend with the removal of the headphone jack, and making wireless or a wired earphone connect via Lightning/USB Type-C port. But Apple chose to go with wireless earphones and that too with their expensive AirPods. I don’t hate them, or Apple for this stuff but the price to hardware selection ratio is worst. Well, Android OEMs aren’t that good, to be honest. And keep aside the notch, that doesn’t hurt much. Not anymore. But the thing is wireless earphones are pretty useless, especially near the budget segment.

I have been using wireless earphones from not so long time at all. I switched to Bluetooth earphones because as per Samsung Care near my place says:

Use only Samsung approved earphones with the jack for optimum and no damage to port, else the warranty will be void.

Oh, you serious? The budget I have, I can’t even buy your AKG earphones, because they are way too costly for me! So will obviously switch to better brands who way better earphones as per my range. Ahem, Sony, JBL, Ahem!

And trust me they sound way better than your piece of junk that you pack with non-flagships.

So after this, and second-time replacement of my earphone jack, for free though, I decided to switch to Bluetooth earphones. And going with the trend costs you a lot! Well, way too much of the fortune.

Beginning and Ending: Wireless Earphones.

So back in the December 2019, I decided to go with the trend, and purchased a Sony WI-C310 Bluetooth earphone. It served me well for, 6 months over all! And it shut itself all of a sudden. And then I purchased Mivi Thunderbeats. I would say its way on the heavier side, however, didn’t suit me well, so I had it returned. And then i purchased Infinity Glide 120 from Infinity by Harmann. Yeah, same company that handles JBL as well.

So in total, i spent ₹3,500 approx a wireless earphone. Anyways I got the Sony one replaced with a wired headphone again, because thanks to my router dying within the time period as well, and I switched to a better router this time (that’s another story for the other time).

This time I got a Sony MDR-EX155AP wired earphones. And trust me it felt way better than anything. My Sennheiser HD 202, purchased in 2016, are now dead. They served me well. RIP!

Issues with the earphones

The major issue is the Audio Codec. Not much of the Bluetooth Earphones don’t support all the codecs. For example, the Sony WI-C310 supports only AAC, which is fine since YT Music has AAC anyways. Do note, I purchased it for an eye-watering price of ₹2,250 from Croma. Even Android Authority says:

Even LDAC, which on paper is one of the best Bluetooth codecs, can’t compete with wired listening. As a matter of fact, the lower-tier Bluetooth codecs, SBC, and aptX provide greater connection stability than LDAC 330 according to SoundGuys.

However, the Infinity Glide 120 supports only SBC, which is the basis of the audio codec supported by Android. Not only this, but there is also way too much of a difference in bit-rate, sampling etcetera. Now see the price different – The Glide 120 cost me ₹1,249 only. Never mind it is sweat proof, so I use it when I go out for cycling. Although aptX is there not many of the wireless earphones support it anyways. and if it does, well expect the price to go up.

And I am an audiophile, average one though, I specifically focus on the quality of sound, to be honest. it is also possible that the basic SBC sounds good, but that’s a rarity.

Connectivity, and severe latency.

Oh boy, it is a hell, to be honest. Connectivity isn’t that great in the below-3k segment. I face issues when I switch from the laptop to my phone and let me tell you, its a nightmare. As soon as I switch, I see audio going on, with the images/frames moving later.

Hampered my Anime watching experience.

Especially the Glide 120 has this hell of an issue. Turning it off takes years.

Battery…..oh boy!

Charging a wireless earphone is a mess. An actual mess. You need to charge it every 6 hrs on an average, and that too depends on the use case. Like if its a high bass song, expect charge to leave your device sooner. The expensive WI-C310 took more than 3hrs to charge, and it had Type-C as well, and also had the Fast Charging. Holds charge for around 15hrs, more or less. On the other hand the Glide holds not more than 4hrs, because by default Deep Bass is active!

And since I am lazy, I hate plugging the earphones to charge every damn time!

Back to the wired world.

Now I am using the the MDR-EX155AP from Sony, which I have used for two years, and then switched to the JBL Endurance Run, And believe me, they’re pretty amazing back then.

Wired earphones sound original yet again, because they deliver true audio. You have no hassle to charge it again and again, non audio latency, cheaper and better earphones, and many other things. Just plain Plug-n-Play.

And yes, I will be switching to Moto pretty soon, so Yeah, F U Samsung!

Conclusion: Bluetooth earphones are junk. Stay away from them as much as you can until and unless you can pay better for high end ones. I am not even sure how these high end earphones sound like.

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