Are gaming laptops good for everyday use?

Laptops have been a thing since the early 2000s, and their utility has only increased significantly every day. New more user-friendly models like the yoga have been launched so as to increase the practicality of a computer that you can carry anywhere with you.

Gaming laptops are the lovechild of a gamers’ lifestyle and heavy investment. These laptops are manufactured to have higher capabilities and benchmarks in terms of speed, graphics processing unit and upgradable or already high-end parts.

These beefy laptops run on regular operating systems yet provide the output of a beast.


Can Gaming laptops be considered for everyday use?

Given below are a few functionalities and characteristics of gaming laptops which would help you in favor of or against making a purchase decision:


  1. High speeds:

Having an ample amount of RAM and sometimes even more, these laptops can boast of superior speeds. They even have high-end graphics processing units that lower the time needed for rendering graphics and playing it.

This makes it useful to an editor as the processing and rendering are extremely fast. To an average person, the speed matters too as the RAM performs pretty well in booting up the laptop in not more than 5 seconds.

While launching programs, the speed can come extremely handy as nobody likes to wait for a laptop to take its time and boot during a company presentation.


  1. Low battery:

Gaming laptops under $500 have low battery life compared to similarly ranged normal laptops. When a personal computer is a desktop, it is pretty stationary. But as far as laptops are considered, they need to be high on the battery life as they are mostly OTG.

Being on the go, they need to be of service anytime. They are needed to even when the adapter is not being carried around. In most public places, there aren’t sockets available to charge up your laptop when it runs out of juice.

Thus this is a drawback, and laptops with high battery life are accepted better.


  1. The extra weight:

The laptop should be nifty on one’s lap, thus deriving the name. The laptop’s size and weight should be manageable. This is because it is to be carried around all throughout the day.

Gaming laptops contain intricate and heavy-duty parts like dedicated gaming keyboards and more efficient coolers, thereby making it heavy. Sure the parts provide value for the money spent on it, but they get extremely heavy in the process.

And high-end machines that have poor portability is very much of a liability to everyday use.


  1. Adaptability:

One thing that never ceases to amaze the masses about gaming laptops would be their versatility and their undying nature of adaptability. Unlike your Playstations or Xboxes, these gaming laptops are all-rounders.

They can help you work on your presentation in MS office, edit videos and images Photoshop and PremierPro and also give you the best gaming experience possible.

This is made possible by the very advanced CPU that is dedicated to keeping up the speed and also allows itself to be upgraded over time.

Thus in terms of service and performance, a gaming laptop can be pretty handy for professionals, artists, gamers and basically to every demography that uses one.



A gaming laptop is an investment but also a liability of not properly maintained and upgraded from time to time. But nonetheless, they are pretty beefy when it comes to performance and can provide users with an edge. Given above were a few pointers on whether a gaming laptop should be used on the daily.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
MERN-Stack Web Developer trying to C Rust. Also writing articles sometimes.

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