New Gmail update brings together Google Meet, Chat and Docs

Gmail, Google

Google has finally announced its new Gmail Update. This is everything you need for a smooth workflow right at your home. The new update brings together tools like email, chat, video, docs making is easily available at hand.


The new update incorporates The Google Meet, Rooms, and Chat all in Gmail. These allow you easy access to any chat, rooms, or video calls without leaving  Gmail. You can now easily access is just by selecting the required tab.

To make this more useful, Google had also incorporated the Docs in Gmail. This now only allows you to open and edit a file while staying in Gmail, you can also co-edit a document with your team. In addition to this, Google has also added the task feature across the Chat and Room.


Google has managed to make a fluid connection between all these tools. Switching from emails to chats to video calls will be supremely quick and easy. The search capabilities of Gmail have also been enhanced making it easier and faster to find everything including Chat.

The new Update has certain new features to keep you focused:

  • for easier access, you can now pin important rooms
  • you can set your availability to “Do Not Disturb”
  • you can protect your time with status notices like “Out of office”

 New safety features:

  • Safety locks: Using this, the host can decide who can enter a chat or meeting
  • Knocking controls: this stops an attendee from attempting to rejoin a meeting if they were rejected. Only the host can re-invite them and allow them to join.


This new update will be available for use by everyone for free. these will soon be rolling out on the web, Android and iOS.

And this is not all. Google is working on features like picture-in-picture video calls, integration tools like Sheet, slides, and more. Let’s look forward to all the surprises that Google has for us!