OnePlus earbuds

OnePlus’s truly wireless earbuds are on its way!


OnePlus might finally be launching its first-ever truly wireless earbuds. The company has been working on this along will the infamous OnePlus Nord.

While we do get the idea that OnePlus will launch the earbuds soon through the company’s twitter account, the company has managed to keep any information about the specification of the earbuds tightly sealed away from the media. There is no information regarding the specification, the design, or even the price for these earbuds.

The company’s forum page does reveal that these truly wireless earbuds will be called “OnePlus Buds“. We will get to see these on the 21st of July along will the launch of the OnePlus Nord.

But that all about it, the company has revealed nothing else. Though, it is rumored that OnePlus Buds might look quite similar to Apple’s first-gen AirPods with a more rounded body. We can expect OnePlus Buds to have high-quality audio and an easy to use experience on the go.

Let us all wait for the live launch event on the 21st of July!


via - Androidpolice