Marketing for Tech-Based Startups | How to Get Started


Laying the right foundation for tech-based startups is half the work. If you want to attract customers and build your reputation, you need a solid marketing strategy. Once you have a great product, your aim should be to capture the attention of potential clients in the industry. Marketing for tech-based startups is challenging since you are up against established competitors, and your advertising budget is low. Good news is, you can grab your audience attention and carve out a market for your business. Here are a few tips for marketing your new tech company.


Identify the Right Audience

When developing a product, you are tempted to think the whole world will fall in love with it. Here is a reality check; only a small portion of the population will give your products a second glance. If you try to market to everyone, you will waste a lot of resources and end up with low returns. The trick is to pick a market segment that is interested in your products and focus your marketing efforts on them. Build personas and employ the right tools to attract your audience.


Choose the Right Keywords

Success in digital marketing relies on your visibility in the internet arena. Keywords can increase traffic to your website and generate high-quality leads. Build a list of keyword phrases related to your brand and use them for blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing campaigns. The best keywords are based on a value proposition, and you can expand the list when you develop new products. Luckily, you can find numerous free tools to pick keyword phrases.


Define Performance Metrics

It would help if you had a rigid definition of success for marking milestones and knowing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Business data is a crucial indicator of success and can tell you whether your startup is generating revenue or drowning in expenses. Your metrics can include the number of signups, eBook downloads, or newsletter subscriptions. You can also use revenue and conversion rate to measure success.


Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media networks are invaluable for startups. With the right strategy, you can reach many potential customers or benefit from influencer marketing. Does it mean you should sign up your company to all the social media networks? Most startups want to use all available networks because their competitors are doing it. However, every media has unique aspects, and you should master how to utilise it to build your network and promote your brand. When picking a social media network, consider your audience. If your products cater to a young and laidback audience, select the right network for them. You should also identify the best times to post when most people are online and use the right influencers.


Create a Blog

Nowadays, a blog is a prerequisite for any business since most customers are online. Creating a blog is straightforward; all you need is software and a VPS cloud server. Once your blog is up and running setup your category pages and work on the design. Improve the aesthetic appeal and user experience but be careful not to overwhelm your audience. It should also have social sharing functions and search functionality.


Publish High-Quality Content

Your website needs relevant content to increase visibility in search engines. Therefore, you need to publish engaging and informative content. To ensure you have a blog post occasionally, create a topic list. Based on your keywords, you can come up with multiple topics to fill your content calendar for months. It would help if you also used different content strategies like eBooks, newsletters, video, and webinars.

Many amazing products have performed terribly due to lack of customer awareness. However, you can ensure success by using the right strategies to grab the attention of your audience.


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