iQOO officially launches 120W Ultra-flash Charging

The iQOO held a technical communication meeting today. It launched the 120W Ultra-flash charging technology with the on-site demonstration of the model.

The model features a 6C cell and array-type structure design for the model. The C i.e. the rated capacity rate represents the charge and discharge rate. While the existing battery that is majorly used in the market only supports 3C. This model will support  6C, which means that the model will be able to charge and discharge 6 times the current of a 2000mAh battery.

120W ultra-fast charging

Due to the new array-type structure, current from 6A at 20V will get converted to 12A at 10V. This will then split into two to charge the double 2000mAh battery at 5V and 12 A current. This setup will then give a 120 W charging for a 4000mAh battery. This MPW array pole structure has a conversion rate of 98.5%. Not only this, the charger will also support an intelligent temperature control which will reduce heat generation.

Thanks to this, the iQOO’s new 120W ultra-flash charging model is capable of changing 50% of a 4000mAh battery in just 5 minutes and completely just in 15 minutes. While this might pose quite an overheating issue, handsets with increased graphite film and improved cooling system will ensure heat dissipation and protect the motherboard of the handset.

While iQOO did not officially reveal anything about devices that will feature this new technology, we do expect the future releases of this technology with the upcoming smartphones.

via - Sparrow News

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