Google and Microsoft improves PWAs on the play store

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Google and Microsoft are gathering together to improve the Progressive web app(PWA). This mission from them will also include all Android devices.

Microsoft confirmed the collaboration with Google, hoping to improve the web apps. By this collaboration from Google and Microsoft will improve the web apps which run across all Android devices, desktop, tablet. Microsoft is going to release its first-ever Android-powered device Surface Duo this year.

The apps which are built using Google Bubblewrap and Microsoft PWA Builder will be soon available. And they apps get an advantage of new features, which are like notifications and long-press features.

Google, Microsoft join forces to improve PWAs on Play Store ...

Turing a website into a PWA and the controls, and app functionality is not going to be hard as before. Web developers can use and they can easily export APK packages.

Microsoft and Google are partnering with Project Fugu to improve new web platforms.



Source: 9to5google