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One Plus Nord might feature Snapdragon 690

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While One Plus Nord is set for launch on July 21st, we are still receiving new pieces of information on the device every day. As Abhishek Yadav points out in his twitter account, the device might feature Snapdragon 690 instead of the Snapdragon 765.

Geekbench listed One Plus with Model no AC2003 a few days ago. The test results listed the model with ‘lito’ motherboard, CPU base frequency of 1.8GHz, and 12GB RAM.

Today, there was another OnePlus device with Model no BE2028 listing in the Geekbench. The test results are completely different. While this model was still listed with ‘lito’ motherboard, the base CPU frequency reading was 1.71GHz and 6GB.

These differences could mean one of two things. Either OnePlus is coming out with another device which it has mange to completely keep under wraps. Or the One Plus Nord will not feature the Snapdragon 765 but might have Snapdragon 690.

Let’s wait for further information on this matter or just the launch itself which is due in 10 days!