Peek into the workings of Surface Duo

Microsoft has been working on Surface Duo for about a year now. We got the first peek into this device earlier this year. Specifications rolled in soon after. Microsoft has since then been releasing emulators, fixing bugs and making new changes with each release.

Androidcentral has been testing these emulators since day one. They have come up with a video showcasing the latest changes in the newest emulator by Microsoft. And notable differences can be seen from then to now in the emulators itself.

The video demonstrates the recent changes and developments in gesture animations and how the dual-screen will be used. Microsoft has also been working to modify most of its apps such as Microsoft launcher, Outlook, office, etc to best support the Surface Duo. The look and optimization on these apps have done justice to the Surface Duo making the workflow much smoother.

The right display seems to be the main display as it has the camera and speaker grill. Not much difference though, other than using the right display to receive notifications, display call screen, and camera mode both the screens are quite similar. The dual-screen can be used together as a larger screen or separately to do two different tasks.

While the video was just an emulation, it does gives us a peek into what Surface Duo will be capable of. We expect more features and changes in the actual device.

Meanwhile, let’s check the specifications of the Surface Duo:

  • Dual 5.6″ 1800X1350 AMOLED display with 360 ° hinge
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • 6GB RAM
  • 265 GB internal memory
  • 3460 mAH battery

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