Gboard to come with Android 11 emojis


GBoard is one of the best keyboard on Android. Its way too advanced from current keyboards available on the Play Store. Google updates the app pretty regularly.

And here is the Android 11. With every new update to Android, Google adds more emojis other than features, obviously. With the new update to the Beta version of the keyboard, Google has started supporting the Emoji 13 on Android 11.

The GBoard update version is, and after installing, you can use the emojis from the keyboard itself. However, it might appear as an empty square to the receiver, because in most cases the new updates to the app/OS is required to support these new emojis.

When scrolling down, because Beta is Beta and Beta has bugs, you will see new emojis, which are 117 in total on Android 11. The search is pretty much non-functional here.

To download the app, head down to download the app! Do note, although you get Beta app, this will not work on Android 10 or older iOS, as these OS do not support the new emojis as of now.

Source: Android Police

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