Samsung’s UV sterilizer and wireless charger officially announced globally

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Samsung has announced a 10W wireless charger, that tops your phone battery sterilizing the device using UV-C light. The company says the light will kill 99% bacteria and germs.

Launching of the wireless charger, first announced in Thailand but now announced Globally. The product will cost you around $65. Samsung says its dual UV lights take 10 minutes to sterilize your items from the top and bottom, after which they automatically turn off to avoid damaging your device.

Even after the lights went off, the charger continues to supply 10W power. Samsung says any device can fit in this compartment up to the size 196*96*33 mm. So that will include mobiles which are up to 7-inches.

This is not for the first time we’ve seen a company combine a wireless charger with a UV sterilizer. Last month, Mophie and Invisible Shield launched their own, similar products costing $80 and $60 respectively.