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Google Chrome 64bit to launch pretty soon

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Google Chrome is the de facto browser for everyone, be its Android, Windows, Linux, or Mac. iOS did get selecting default browser feature, but that doesn’t count right now. However, from a very long time, Chrome on Android is a basic 32bit browser. But this is going to change soon and Google is pushing 64bit versions on Play Store for Canary and Dev branch.

The Canary version is updated to version 86, whereas the Dev version is updated to version 85. However, there is a catch. Until and unless, your smartphone doesn’t have 64Bit OS, you will not get the 64Bit Browser. Also, only if your smartphone has Android 10 installed, only then you get the 64Bit Chrome.

Even if you think that your device is running Android 10, and you can run 64Bit Browser for that additional snapiness in performance, think again. Checking on chrome://version on Google Chrome and then checking OS variant in CPU-Z will clear your doubts.

As per Google’s own rules, Most apps shoulld be updated to 64Bit version by August 21st 2021, however, it is not the case for the smartphones running Android 10 on older devices.

Interestingly, many users are reporting to see 64Bit variants installs on the mentioned version, but most of them (like me) are seeing 32Bit variant, because of the obvious stated reasons above.

Do note: Before installing Canary and Dev variants and using them as default daily browser is not a good idea. These are currently under test and can crash on a daily basis. So if you are uncomfortable with bleeding edge versions, refrain from using it.

Source: Android Authority

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