Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Galaxy Tab S7 will not have a “fast” charging speed.


Samsung seems to avoid cost with the next generation Galaxy Tab S7, as the new Chinese based 3C certificate publications suggest that the upcoming Tab S7 will not have a fast charging above 15W.

You see, Galaxy Tab S-series is one of the top-grade premium tablet in the market. One buying a Tab of that class will expect more out of the box. Be it an S-Pen, or a Quad-Stereo Speaker tuned by AKG and Dolby Atmos or an Super AMOLED. However, would you like if Samsung gives you a less powerful charging solution than most of its Mid-range(Galaxy A71 – 25W) and mainstream Galaxy S-Series smartphones which supports 45W of fast charging?

The Galaxy Tab S7 will come with a larger battery size – either 8,000mAh or a 10,000mAh battery. And limiting the charging capability to just 15W is just ridiculous. For more salts to the wound, the charger (EP-TA200) used to ship with Galaxy S6 series smartphones. That means you will be getting a 2015-era charger inside 2020-era top-grade tablet.

Well, it might change during the final launch. However, we have to wait and see what Samsung is actually planning and implementing on the launch day in August this year.

Source: Sammobile

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