T-mobile 5G

T-Mobile shuts Sprint’s 5G all over the US.


Following the recent test run in New York, T-Mobile has finally shut Sprint’s 5G network all over the US. T-Mobile acquired Sprint back in 2019 and since then they are merging together. The merge is on its final phase, due to which Sprint’s networks are been shut down.

And thanks to this, several Sprint 5G mobiles are completely useless. However, the smartphones on T-Mobile will continue to work on. Moreover, if you own a smartphone like Galaxy S20, LG V60 ThinQ, and recently launched OnePlus 8, then no need to worry, as these smartphones supports T-Mobile network.

Sprint network, before shut down was available in Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, and Miami. As of now they is redeploying Sprint’s 2.5GHz band after optimizing it for its network. But, unfortunately, those smartphones in Sprint 5G will remain useless now.

But T-Mobile is offering several deals for Sprint’s customers to trade their smartphones in for their supported smartphones.

Source: Android Authority

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