Google Photos

Google Photos will stop auto-backup of Photos from WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.


Google Photos is loved by a lot of users because of it’s free unlimited storage option. While it is a good thing, the app always backed up the Pictures received from Social Media to the Cloud. It created an unnecessary clutter when one scrolled through the backed up pictures. While we could manually turn off the albums which we did not want to get backed up, having the app do it by default would always be better.

Google has now announced that that it will no longer backup media from chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to Google Photos. Users who want to backup can always go back and manually enable it, but other than that the default settings would remain off for these apps.

The company had been conducting tests on the app about the same and now they have finally decided to launch it to the Public. It is to be noted that this move is temporary, since users have been a lot more active in this lockdown and share media regularly on the platforms. This will help in saving the Internet Resources.