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How to Write an Application Essay for Technical University


The college admission essay is one of the requirements in the application process for universities and colleges. The admission officers in these institutions must consider numerous applicants every year. Many of these students have good grades, extracurricular resumes, and class ranks.  However, the application essay is the individual’s opportunity to describe the self as something more than a collection of academic achievements. According to some university students, the essay is one of the most demanding steps in the application process. The solution to this problem is giving the students the idea of what to write on a blank piece of paper.  Before writing an admission essay, students should look for academic essay samples to give them a clue on how to write a good application essay. From brainstorming topics to editing the final copy, here is what applicants should know about writing a strong essay for a technical university.

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Read and understand the Instructions

Many students feel that beginning an essay is the hardest part.  However much redundant it sounds, it is important to highlight that you need to read and understand the instructions before you start writing. It is because some applicants go through anxiety and stress that affect their ability to concentrate and follow the key guidelines of the essay. Failure to follow the key guidelines of the application essay leads the admission officer to assume that you will not follow the rules and directions of the University’s program.  After reading through the requirements, you can start developing an outline to organize your work and decide the message you want to send.

Write a Strong Introduction

Excellent writing is difficult to obtain, but it is possible if you become smart. Any journalist will tell you that a compelling introduction will help you attract the attention of the readers.  The admission officers may not spend much time reading your essay, so it is important to start an admission essay with an interesting paragraph. The introduction must tell the reader the theme of your essay and catch their attention. You can do this by opening with an anecdote or a fascinating story that reveal the best parts of your character. This strategy allows the admission officers to know your character.

Do not put more emphasis on the past

Admissions search for essays where students explain their growth and introspection. Therefore, the application essay for a college needs to focus on your learning and growth.  Do not just describe or brag. Your college application essay format should reveal the following questions. What was your learning experience? How did learning change your life?  The University administrators do not want to want to read essays that emphasize on the past. They want visionary students who look at the future. Therefore, if you need to describe a past event, ensure that you connect it to your present and how it will impact you in the future.

Be Elaborate

Avoid brushing over your essay. It becomes ineffective when you spell out your essay. Avoid statements such as ‘‘that is when I learned,’’ ‘‘I realized’’ and ‘‘the most significant lesson was…’’ These statements are unimpressive, needless, and boring. Instead, allow the University to read between the lines, understand, comprehend, and interpret your story without giving them a clue on how to do it.  To do so, you need to avoid things such as, ”and that is how I learned to support myself” because the officers in charge should already know.

Be Authentic

Admission officers are looking for students who are genuine and reasonable. They do nether want to hear about neither your remarkable grades nor your heroic volunteer work.  This is a platform to tell your story, but ensure your story is personal and meaningful. However, do not be too personal. So, do not try to decorate your essay by using common ideas and phrases, but concentrate on your genuine facts. Avoid overly-formal or language that sounds business, and do not use superfluous words. The application essay allows you to impress the admission officers with your knowledge, character, and determination of the subject you select. Ensure it displays all your ambitions and skills and demonstrate how the program you choose will help you accomplish long-term goals.


Avoid Clichés

Before writing your essay, you will be encouraged to research how to write a great college essay and search for examples of the same from experts that offer pro essay writing service to get started. While this is a good start, many students get influenced by various examples of college application essays and use too many clichés to impress the University admission officers. Remember that you are not applying to the University alone. There are thousands of other applicants with scores and grades who wish to get an admission at the same University. Due to the number of students, the admission committee will use your essay together with your recommendation letters and extracurricular activities to distinguish you from other talented candidates. You need to show your prowess by setting yourself apart from others. Proof-read your essay, eliminate all sentences and words that appear to be cliché, and look for originality. Every year, admission officers receive thousands of applications, and they give priority to those with exclusive personalities. Let them identify you.

Narrow Down Your Focus and keep it Personal

Do not try to cover various topics. This will make your essay looks like a résumé that lacks details about you. Focus on a specific aspect of yourself to allow the admission officers to learn more about your personality. Remember that the interest of the readers lies in finding your primary idea and follow it to the end. You can ask someone to read just your introduction and tell you what they think is the subject of the essay.

Ask someone to edit your Essay

Your aim is to write an impressive college application like professional writers from CustomEssayOrder.  So, you will read it again and again to correct grammatical errors, typos, sentence structures, and spelling. Before you submit your essay, it is advisable to give someone who has not seen it to go through it as they can discover some minor mistakes which you were unable to point out while re-reading.  Giving a friend, a colleague, a teacher, or a parent to read your essay will be a good move.  Other than identifying some mistakes in your work, these individuals will determine if you are the author.  Looking for help from these people will also help you come up with an immaculate essay.


Many students face challenges in writing college admission essays. Great admission essays contain honesty, coherence, conciseness, and the accuracy of the information.  These factors not only impress the admission officers but they also increase the possibility of a student in securing a chance at the university. The tips on how to write a good application essay for a college explained above will help the students in writing a great college essay.

















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