6 Pre-Production Tips to Create a Killer Video Content


Videos have an important effect when it comes to digital marketing. They account for 80 per cent of global internet traffic. As such, they can serve as an effective way of connecting with people and building more deeper and satisfying relationships between you and the audience you are targeting. In this article, we will give tips on how to create video content that will help your business grow.


1. Have a video SEO strategy


With three billion searches every month, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google. People use this platform and other video platforms to search for information and find specific videos. Therefore, using SEO strategies to optimize your video is important, as it will allow it to be indexed and give it a higher chance of ranking on the results pages of search engines for relevant keyword searches. The best way to attract visitor’s attention is to use a short, stimulating title. You should also use relevant keywords in your title so that it will show up on search engines whenever people search for that topic. Additionally, use tags properly and create branded eye-catching thumbnails.


2. Create a powerful introduction


An introduction that stands out is an effective way to get the attention of viewers. For this reason, make sure that the introduction is inspiring, engaging and informative to encourage viewers to continue watching the video.


3. Optimise your video for mobile devices


Many people use mobile devices to access content online. Your video should be mobile-friendly and should perfectly fit the size of a mobile screen. Make sure the video is short and its audio is of the highest quality, clean and clear to make it easier for the viewer to hear the message while using their mobile device. Video editing tools make the process of video creation simpler and easier, as they allow you to adjust the hue, aspect ratio, contrast, saturation, speed and more. The video should also be downloadable on mobile devices.


4. Write a script that’s easy to follow


Your video should communicate simply and brilliantly. To this end, use a conversational tone to make the video more natural. When you want to emphasise key points, speak in short and concise sentences. Use simple words to get your message across.


5. Educate viewers


One of the most compelling ways to execute effective video marketing is by educating your audience. Videos that offer tips, information, advice or other informative content are usually more effective when compared to solely promotional videos.


6. Optimise your video for conversions


After encouraging your audience to watch your video, you should now concentrate on getting the most out of it by focusing on conversions. Include a call to action by adding a direct message from the speakers of your video, share button or a link that leads to your landing page. Analyse and find out the best time to publish your video so that you can get as many views as possible within the first 48 hours. You can also offer incentives to attract people to watch your video. Give viewers who would like to reach you two to three contact methods. Lastly, don’t forget to thank the viewers for watching your video.


Although it will take time and effort to create a high-performing video, having the right video content plan will allow you to capitalise on its potential and promote your business by telling inspirational stories through your video. In turn, your audience will take action and connect with your brand.



About the Author:

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