Google Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL available now with discount up to $120

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The Google Pixel 3a has become one of our favorite devices, from the already affordable price tag to the insanely good camera with which it comes fitted. Even now, at $120 back at Amazon the value for money is much higher. If you want a bigger screen, then Amazon’s Pixel 3a XL is now $93 off. This are some of the greatest price cuts we’ve ever seen on Pixel 3a smartphones, potentially on the horizon as the anticipated Pixel 4a is on.

The Pixel 3a phones have an intelligent quick-charging battery which will help you conserve power over time. This will also send you seven hours on a fee of 15 minutes. The Pixel 3a guarantees 3 years of operating system and firmware upgrades and the Titan M chip provides you with hardware-based password protection.

You can grab the deal at Amazon right now.