WhatsApp to add Animated Stickers soon to make chatting better

WhatsApp ‘s beta versions of its Android and iPhone app are testing animated stickers. The feature is reportedly available for Android through WhatsApp v2.20.194.7 beta and for iPhone through WhatsApp v2.20.70.26 beta. For a while now, the instant messaging app has been working on animated stickers; however, full rollout details are not yet known. WhatsApp started promoting stickers in 2019 but animated stickers are yet to be delivered outside development. The software contains its own custom sticker sets, which also allows third-party updates.

WhatsApp Beta users will need to upgrade to version in Android and in iOS or newer updates to make use of the new feature, according to the update tracker.

ezgifcom resize WhatsApp

If the users have upgraded to the above or older versions and are now unable to use the functionality, they may need to back up their chat history, uninstall and then reinstall the client to see the latest function.

The beta apps now only allow showing animated stickers but WhatsApp is planned to carry out upcoming updates including the potential to import and upload. WhatsApp will need to set up an initial database for the stickers for complete roll-out.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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