Setting Up Your Man Cave: Gaming Room Design Ideas


If your man cave is where you generally spend most of your time when you’re at home, then designing it to suit your every need is necessary. Coming up with ideas for a design that will suit your needs can be a little difficult without some guidance, but that’s where a guide containing different design ideas can come in handy. Here are 8 ideas that can help you set up your man cave in a way that suits you best.

1. Add a Theme

Incorporating a theme to your room can help bring it to life as it unifies your whole setup while also adding your favorite design. Settling on a theme can also pave the way to designing the rest of your room with ease as you’ll narrow down the options you will choose from. If you’re sick of generic dark-themed gaming room ideas, you can always opt for a classy or a minimalist themed room as they look just as good while avoiding certain clichés (*cough*Batman*cough*).

2. Get Comfortable Furniture

You always have to keep your comfort in mind when designing your gaming room as that’s going to be the one thing you notice the most while spending your time there. Getting yourself a very comfortable chair or couch that you can sit on for hours on end without any complaints can work wonders for you in the long run. If you’re going to be inviting people over to your gaming room, you also have to make sure that they’re comfortable too, as the last thing they would want is to spend time in a place that they can’t sit in comfortably. 

3. Consider a Retro Design

There’s nothing that throws you back in time as much as arcade games. Having one of these bad boys around can instantly give your room a retro design and if you throw in a little arcade-themed design, you’ll teleport yourself back in time every time you’re in your man cave. Getting your favorite arcade game from when you were just a kid can also bring back some of your fondest memories, so it’ll also add a lot of sentimental value to your room.

4. Get Creative with Lighting



The lights inside your gaming room are essentially what bring it to life as having generic lighting can take away from your design and personal experience when you’re inside. Designing your room with wire lighting is something that you should look into. Electroluminescent experts at Ellumiglow suggest that you add different colors in a very subtle manner as they’re easy to hide behind your equipment. One of the most popular ways to use different lighting is by installing wire strips behind your monitors as it makes your setup glow while avoiding placing any of them in direct view. This is done to avoid any glare towards your eyes or your screens.

5. Install Soundproofing Material

Things can get pretty loud when you’re in a heated online game or if you’re watching a movie on full blast. Disturbing your household or any of your neighbors can be a concern that constantly floats around in your mind if you don’t install soundproofing material in your room. Soundproofing helps you make as much noise as you want within that room without worrying about a knock on your door asking you to keep things down. This comes in extra handy if you’re also into making music as you’ll be free to create your mini-concert whenever you please. Soundproofing material also provides a very nice aesthetic to the room as some designs look very stylish.

6. Don’t Overcrowd the Room

One of the things that people generally overlook whenever they’re designing their gaming rooms is the space that they have to work with. Making sure that your setup fits into your gaming room without overcrowding it should be something you always keep in mind. Overcrowding your room can end up making it look cramped and uncomfortable as everything will be too close together. You also won’t be able to have anyone else fit in there, so you’ll have to bid farewell to the hope of inviting your friends over for a gaming session as there simply won’t be enough space to fit someone else in there.

7. Make it Convenient

When you’re designing your gaming room, make sure to account for your own personal convenience first as you want your man cave to have everything you need. Adding tiny details to the room like a mini-fridge stocked up with your favorite drinks or a snack cabinet can make you feel like a king at all times. You can also improve your convenience by syncing your lights and your other devices to your PC or your smartphone so that you can control everything remotely for the ultimate comfort of not having to get up to do anything.

8. Get Good Speakers

Your gaming experience is taken to a whole new level if you get yourself a good set of speakers. When you’re designing your room, you have to take into account the sound system you want as it doesn’t only add to your general gaming experience, but it also adds to how good your room looks. The combination of easily manageable wires and controllable lighting options can be a great addition to your overall setup, especially if you’re going for a specific color scheme. Having good speakers also improves your movie watching experience as having things like surround sound can completely immerse you, giving you a cinema-like experience from the comfort of your home.


Every kid has fantasized about designing the perfect gaming room that fulfills every need that they could have, so when you’re thinking of different ideas to help you design your man cave, channel that inner child of yours and think of everything you want to have in there as there’s only so much that ideas online can give. The best thing about your gaming room is the fact that it’s yours and you can go in any direction that you want with it. Pick a direction that pleases you the most visually and mentally as this room is where you’ll go to every time that you want to simply have fun.