iPadOS 14 will turn your handwriting into typed text

Apple, iOS

Apple announced iOS 14 updates today, and multiple features are coming with this update. Including apple handwriting updates for Apple pencil. With a new feature called Scribble makes handwriting on the iPad more seamless and powerful.

If you write something on your notes, the iPad will be able to copy and paste that handwriting across apps. This means the text you wrote can be searched online or pasted in a document. And it’ll be typed text instead of Handwritten.

At the same time, if you wrote down some addresses or mobile numbers, the iPad will Prompt activity around them. So you can call that number or look up directions to that address. The feature works in both English and Chinese.

Scribble will also correct shapes if you draw square if it is slightly off then this feature will get you a good square image. The Apple Pencil is a signature for iPads and it is still isn’t compatible with iPhones. Apple last updated its Apple pencil in 2018. It’s now wirelessly charging and has gesture controls.