How to Know If You Have Been Blocked on WhatsApp?


How to Know If You Have Been Blocked on WhatsApp?

Has it been a while that one of your good friends replied to your messages? Did they not reply to your funny video? Or did they not revert to the Whatsapp call? Could it mean that you have been blocked? Well, there are two ways that you can find this out. One you can directly ask them, if you can trace them somewhere, or use the cues that we listed out here, to find out about it. But, before that, let’s address a few basic things.


How can you block someone on Whatsapp?

On WhatsApp, you have a unique feature to block your contacts. You can do it for whatever reason you please. If you no longer wish to associate with someone, you can certainly block them. On blocking, you can get rid of their persistent messages or annoying phone calls.

So, blocking is the digital world’s way of cutting ties form a particular person. To block, select the person from the contact list, go to the settings menu, and press onto the Others option, and click on Block. Once you confirm by selecting Ok, the person is blocked from your list. This blocked contact will no longer be able to send you messages or call you. Feels relieving?

Well, it certainly is. However, if the coin is flipped, and it is you, who has not been getting a response from a particular contact, then that could certainly mean that they have blocked you. So, to know whether your ex has blocked you or not, you can follow these steps.


How to determine if you have been blocked by someone on Whatsapp?


  • Try and verify the online status of this contact  

Being a stalker that you already are, click on the contact whose online status you wish to know about. In the green bar, you’ll be able to see the time that they were last online. In case you do not have access to this information for a while, it could mean three things – one you have been blocked by this person, two, this person has set their privacy settings in a manner that nobody can see the last seen, and third, you have hidden your last seen, which is why you cannot see the last seen either.

However, if the status is hidden, but you catch them online sometime, then you are safe, and you haven’t been blocked. Steve, an associate offering assignment help services, says that he would constantly keep the chat window of his ex-open to check if he could find her online just to ensure that she hadn’t blocked him.


  • Gather some guts and send a message

Another effective way to find out whether or not you have been blocked by contact is by sending them a WhatsApp message and checking the number of checkmarks you get on this message. If you get only a single checkmark, this means that your message has been sent successfully. If you see double checkmarks, this means that they have received your message.

In addition to it, if you get the blue ticks, it means that they have read the message. However, unfortunately, the read status, too, can be hidden by altering the privacy settings. Now, the situation can be a bit tricky here. For instance, what if you are getting a single tick only because their phone is not connected to the network or if they have changed their number and not blocked you?

Moreover, even things can be tricky with blue ticks. Ray, an expert, offering online do my homework services, says that his friend never turned his blue ticks off, but when he sent the messages, there would be a double tick, but that would never turn grey. Now, if a particular user has their blue ticks on but you don’t see them on your message, then it could mean that they saw the message in the notification bar and chose to ignore it. So, the possibilities are endless.


  • Check the display picture

This is certainly the most effective way to analyse if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp or not. We say so because once you have been blocked on WhatsApp, you’ll no longer be able to see their profile picture. Martha, an associate with a leading platform EssayWriter4U, says that she suddenly stopped seeing a profile picture of her cousin.

Initially, she ignored it, but then when it was months that she couldn’t see it, she finally called and asked him why he had blocked her. What she found out later was funny – Her cousin lost his phone, and in the new phone Martha’s number wasn’t saved.

So, this means that if the other person has not saved your number, and their privacy setting allows only their contacts to see the picture, this trick could fail. It could even fail if they have only removed their profile picture.


  • Try to add them on a group

Eric, a TrumpLearning associate, says that he found out his ex had blocked him when he tried adding her to a group and he couldn’t. Well, this could be another effective way, but it is again not a trick that would 100% work.

So, these are a few ways to find out if you are blocked by someone on Whatsapp. But as you know, now, there’s no 100% certain way to find this out. It is so because Whatsapp has intentionally tried to keep it ambiguous to protect everyone’s privacy.