Apple brought new updates for Maps in iOS 14

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Apple has announced new feature iOS 14 today, they are going to bring vast changes. Apple also brought new updates to the maps, which will be a great update from Apple.

But Apple is only launching these features in New York,  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing. And there is no exact date about when they are going to launch in other places. Now with the new update, users will be able to see the elevation, and they get suggestions from Apple maps. Whether they should take stairs or Flights for traveling to save time. Nowadays time brings vast management that brings a vast difference.

The new feature in Maps allows users with “EV routing” that helps users to plan trips. And they can also know where to charge the vehicle if it is an Electric car.

These features have long been available in other places like Google Maps. Or in electric vehicles themselves. But this seems to be the theme of this year’s WWDC. Apple is going to add a lot of new features to the new iOS 14, that the users have awaited this long from years.