Galaxy Note 20 Plus

Galaxy Note 20 to have a bizarre aspect ratio.


Since the launch of the Galaxy S8 series, Samsung is going all with a longer display with an aspect ratio of around 20:9. Starting the Galaxy Note 20 you might see more of a smaller display.

According to the rumors, this year, the Galaxy Note 20 will come with a flat display, whereas the Plus or Ultra variant will have the curved display. The resolution is a bit different as well. In Note 10 and S10 series, we have seen the display having a resolution of 3200×1440 in the S10 series whereas the Note 10 series has 3040×1440. This time, you will see a resolution of 3096×1444. This resolution redirects the thoughts to the smaller aspect ratio of the display, which is around 19.3:9 instead of the usual 20:9 ratio.

The HTML5Test clears this aspect ratio doubt, however, and yes, the Note 20 will have this aspect ratio.

As the days are passing by, the launch of the device is getting closer. Pretty soon, by the next month to be precise, we might get hands-on to the specifications of the device.

Source: Sammobile

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