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How about we earn money by digital marketing in 2020


The days are gone when people used to think about traditional ways of earning their livelihood. We are now living in the digital world. And going with the digital methods is what the new world demands. You will find lots of openings on the online platform that you can use as an opportunity to build your career.

The latest trend to earn money online is via digital marketing. While surfing on the internet, you will find lots of Digital Marketing Company that are providing online solutions for the current problems that the digital world is facing.

The best part of earning through digital marketing is that you are not limited to one source of income. Digital marketing allows you to have several sources of income that allows you to achieve the financial freedom you ever wanted.

However, let me clarify one thing to you, if you are thinking that digital marketing is the short cut to earn money then you are completely wrong. Like every other job, you need to invest time and effort into the digital marketing field. Only then you will be able to achieve the level you are required, where you can get paid for your efforts.

Digital marketing is a vast field. It is a never-ending learning stage. The more you learn and the more you practice, it will help you to earn more money.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the term that is used for selling your product and service on the digital platform. It is the combination of the traditional marketing process with the digital media platform.

Marketing is the thing of the part, where the seller used to shout their prices to attract the audiences. But now the generation has changed, people have changed, their needs have changed, the marketing problems have changed. And to counteract all these changes, the whole marketing has changed to Digital marketing.

We all know how people have an online presence and how much they invest their time in social media. The sellers have found a way to grab the attention of all the people having their presence known online.

Marketers have found a platform where they can get an audience without going anywhere. Now the marketer, instead of approaching the audience at their doorstep, they are approaching them online on the digital platform, to advertise their goods, products, and services.

With that being in the mind let’s look at the various lucrative ways that can help you earn money by Digital Marketing.


How to Earn Money by Digital marketing?

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing is all about creating and publishing free content online, with the intent of creating awareness or advertising a certain product or brand.

Content marketing creates a bridge of information that connects the consumer and the seller. Content marketing helps the consumer to know about the products and services they are buying and help them to polish their thoughts on it.

With the increase in the presence of the companies, Content marketers are in high demand. If you have a strong suit in writing then this field can be the best platform for you to earn money online.

However, while the content for the company, you must keep one thing in your mind that your understanding of the product should be clear so that your content can present itself in an appealing way.

  1. Blogging

It is not the first time that you must have heard what blogging is. We all know that blogging is a way to convey your own opinion on any topic. If you surf through the internet, you will come across many blogging sites that host free content and have millions of readers.

If you consider yourself a creative writer, who is competent enough to write creative blogs on your favourite topic. You can certainly go for this job.

The basic requirement for writing blogs that you need to be with the trends. You must know what the current trends in the market are and write blogs accordingly.

Once you are eligible, you can register in Google AdSense. This will help you to monetize the traffic you are getting on your website. In addition, you will also generate an extra income for hosting ads on the website.

Blogs are an authentic source of information in the world, so keep your information steady and with genuine content. And once you have enough traffic you can also write blogs related to the product and services. This can help you earn some extra income in the form of commission.

  1. Social media marketing

As the name suggests, it is a form of digital marketing that is done via social media platforms. More than 3.8 billion people are active on social media on a monthly basis. And every marketer wants to attract at least a fraction of those big numbers into their audience. With that being said, if you think that you have a good understanding of how to attract audiences on social media, then you can sell your expertise to the big companies. You can work as a social media executive.

You can help the company to run social media ads, social media campaigns and can earn money out of it. Social media is still a growing platform and yet to reach its full potential.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vast field in the digital marketing world. However, it is also one of the easiest ways to earn money. SEO aims to increase your site visibility on the Search engines.

Every search engine gives out a result based on the queries typed in the search box of the search engines. And the most relevant pages related to the keywords are shown at the top. This is where an SEO professional is needed. An SEO professional is a person who specializes in handling all the keywords and key phrases that will let your page rank higher on the Search engine result page (SERPs).

You just need to learn the tricks and the uses of the keywords and key phrases effectively. If you can do that, then my friend you are eligible as an SEO executive.


Final thoughts

The internet era has brought comfort in terms of earning. Earning from home is now a fast-growing industry that is giving many opportunities with the way that we can earn money.

Above is the list of the ways on how you can earn money by Digital Marketing and SEO techniques.


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