Samsung’s latest edition phone is BTS-branded Galaxy S20 Plus

Samsung the brand, which named after for creating new themes and exciting logos. The latest model of Samsung Galaxy edition is designed in the same way as the latest edition of BTS.

Samsung made a matching set of Galaxy buds with the new Galaxy S20 Plus. This new edition of Samsung looks like Samsung’s regular flagship but with a unique design. That has a BTS logo on the back, this edition of handsets also includes BTS-inspired Andriod themes.  Photo cards of the band are included in the similarly BTS-themed box. It’ll cost $1249, or $50 more than the retail price of the standard S20 Plus.

The Galaxy buds, on the other hand, are good looking. And switching the standard hues for a pair of BTS-purple earbuds with charging case along with decorative BTS and heart icons on each earbud. The Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition will cost $199, also a $50 increase over the price of the standard edition.

Samsung is offering a free BTS poster for anyone who preorders the branded S20 Plus or the Galaxy Buds. Additionally, preordering the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition will get customers a 50 percent discount on the matching Galaxy Buds.


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