Galaxy Note 20 Plus

Galaxy Note 20 colors revealed, thanks to the pre-orders of the accessories.


Samsung is going to launch its flagship, Galaxy Note 20 this year, in the month of August. However, no one knew what colors will be available during launch. But thanks to Samsung, we are able to know the colors of the smartphone due to its accessories, which are already up for sale.

The accessory list is pretty good. You can also get the good old ClearView and the LED covers. Other than that, you will also get other cases like Silicone Case, Leather Cover, Clear Protective Cover, Protective Standing Cover,and Kvadrat Cover. These cases will be available, but not limited to colors like Black, White, Silver, and Mint.

Samsung is also selling S Pens separately. And the colors you will get gives us a clear idea about the colors Samsung will launch this year. These colors are: Black, White, Gray, Copper Brown and Mint. And Samsung might change the colors, like from solid single color to a hue like colors this time.

As of now, Samsung has not announced anything about the Galaxy Note 20. However, it may be possible that Samsung will announce the device’s launch event by the month of July.

Source: Sammobile

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