Android 11 may be the best texting platform if you use multiple chat apps

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The official beta, for the next version of Android, is out now. And if you have a spare handset of pixel go check it out once.


The Google messaging apps and overall mess on smartphones is simply that Google blew several opportunities. To win at messaging, now it is open something like to trying to get all the carriers worldwide.

And maybe Apple will also upgrade from SMS to RCS. Keeping RCS aside, there are plenty of texting apps worldwide, and you just can’t convince or ask them to choose one app. World wide there are many apps, but the majority of users use Whatsapp for messaging.

But here in the US, there are many apps like Facebook Messenger, Signal, Telegram, which are used other than Whatsapp. You will talk to many people, and you can’t just remember with whom I am chatting in which app. And now the notifications alerts, which is a big problem, they will mix with other notifications.

However, the notifications from Whatsapp will be in one alert notification but mix with other alerts from Telegram, Messenger, Signal. It is an old problem and the new generation handsets are preparing handsets to tackle this problem.

Solving this problem is the main aim of modern handsets, which will solve a big issue for the users.