Adobe launches Photoshop Camera, a free app with tons of elaborate face filters

Adobe is launching a new app today called Photoshop Camera that’s filled with a bunch of very elaborate filters. That can change your face and the world around you. Some of the filters are impressive: several identify the sky behind you.

And replace it with perfect clouds or a magical moon; another puts you inside a Black Mirror-Esque glitchy world. And another makes you look like you’re in a comic book.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users, they can download the app from their respective stores. If you want to make adjustments to your photo, there is a magic button that comes and changes the theme automatically. The main disadvantage with the app is, the app can’t record videos, because the features are lit.

The main trick for the app is, currently many social apps are featuring lenses. But the Adobe should make users use their filters because Instagram and Snapchat offer many filters for users.

Photoshop Camera is a fun app to play around with. When you open it, you’ll find a half dozen or so filter options, most of which have a bunch of variations you can swipe between. The Spectrum filter has different versions that can split your image across multiple color spectrums, drop you into some geometric void, or cover you with glitched-out stripes.

Some others — like the food filter — seem to just be bland color filters without much special going on. But the face filters tend to get pretty elaborate.

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