Want to void your galaxy Z Flip warranty? Try this!

If you are a bit daring to void the warranty of your Galaxy Z Flip device, you should definitely try this method. All you have to do is try the following to void the warranty of the device the moment you try it.

All you have to do is – Get a third-party screen protector for your Galaxy Z Flip, and apply it to your device, and you are done! Your device’s warranty is now void. Well, sometimes sarcasm doesn’t hear, but if you are dumb enough, then it will hurt more.

Samsung has strictly prohibited on using a screen protector on your phone’s ultra thin glass. This could damage the display in such a way that you have to pay a hefty price for the replacement of the display.

If you want to read about the statement that Sammobile got from the company, head here.

Its highly recommended to use a case with the device, however, not a screen protector. Those who purchased the device, may know that Samsung includes a case with the device already.

After all, know one wants to shell $500 for their already expensive smartphone, isn’t it?

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