Why are Generators Must-Have Equipment in Rural Areas?


Electricity is absolutely vital in all of our lives and yet so many of us take it for granted that a reliable source of power will always be available. There are many situations and places where reliable power is far from guaranteed. In rural areas especially, it can be difficult to get easy access to a main source of power, and even then the mains power can be very unreliable. Rural areas are often hit hardest when there is an emergency situation or a natural disaster. Additionally, there are many uses for generators in a range of agricultural applications. In this article, we will explain why generators are must-have equipment in rural areas and give some advice on the most suitable generators for various situations.

1. To Provide Backup Power to Rural Homes

The first reason why generators are must-have equipment in rural areas is to provide backup power to homes during a power outage. Statistically, power outages happen far more often in rural areas than they do in towns or cities. Even if your home is without power for only a short period of time, it can cause a lot of problems. There are two types of generators available for homes, portable generators and standby generators, but the folks at told us that for home backup uses, a standby generator is always the best choice. A reliable backup generator will be able to provide your home with all the electricity you need to store your food, cook meals for your family, light your home, and run your heating and air conditioning systems.

There are two main reasons for this. First of all, standby generators have far greater power capacities than portable generators and so you will be able to operate more equipment in your home. Secondly, standby generators are connected to a permanent fuel line so you won’t need to manually refuel your generator every time you need it. This is ideal in rural areas that tend to have a lot of power outages.

2. To Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy in Emergency Situations

Unfortunately, over the last few years, there have been numerous natural disasters and emergency situations that left people all over the world in real danger. The hurricanes in the USA and Puerto Rico, the Australian bushfires, and the recent CoronaVirus Pandemic have left people stuck in their homes without enough supplies, food, clean water, or power. People who live in rural areas are already more isolated than people who live in cities and a big natural disaster can leave them cut off for days and even weeks. This can put rural families in huge peril, but a generator will allow you to keep your family safe and secure during even the worst disaster situation.

A generator will provide your family with electricity if the power lines are down, will enable you to keep all your food and supplies fresh, to heat your home or cool it in extreme temperatures and to purify water during a period when water supplies are cut off. If you live in an area that is susceptible to adverse weather like hurricanes or tornadoes then make sure that you have a really powerful standby generator and that you have plenty of fuel stocked. If a really bad disaster occurs, it may be a long time before you are able to restock your fuel supplies.


3. To Run Agricultural Machinery Where There is no Main Power Supply

A generator is a vital piece of equipment for agriculture as there are many jobs that need doing on farms where there isn’t any access to mains power. Whilst standby generators are ideal for providing backup power to rural households, they are not suitable for agricultural work because they are permanently fixed and cannot be moved out onto the farmland. To run agricultural equipment away from the mains power, a portable generator is required. Portable generators don’t have as much power capacity as standby generators, but they are significantly cheaper and you can move them to wherever you need them.

There is a huge range of portable generator options available that have various power capabilities and other features like wheels and handles for pulling them along into fields. You can purchase generators that are fueled by propane or petrol, but the most highly recommended generators are diesel generators. When compared to portable petrol generators, diesel generators are more fuel-efficient, which means that even though diesel fuel is more expensive, diesel generators are significantly cheaper to run.

Furthermore, diesel generators are far more reliable than petrol generators and need few repairs, replacement parts, and less regular servicing. As rural farms may be some miles away from repair services, a more reliable and efficient generator has a great many advantages.

4. To Keep Rural Homes Secure

A backup generator is very important for keeping rural homes secure which is very important because these days burglaries on farms and rural properties have been increasing dramatically. It is always advisable for rural homes and farms to install comprehensive security systems, intruder alarms, and perimeter lighting. Hooking these up to your home generator will make sure that they stay fully operational 24/7 and don’t cut out during a power outage. This is especially important as most burglaries and home invasions happen at night so you may be asleep and not even know that your property is vulnerable.

Furthermore, by hooking your security systems up to a generator, it can significantly reduce your home insurance because your insurance company will know that your security cannot be cut off. You may be able to save as much as 20% on your home insurance simply by installing a home backup generator.

There are many reasons why generators are must-have equipment in rural areas including increased security, guaranteed backup power, and enable farmers to run their agricultural machinery. You can find a huge range of generators that are suitable for a rural setting so it is very important that you identify your power requirements and make sure you find a generator that fits those needs. Take the information in this article into account when you are choosing your generator.