Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The newer ISOCELL 108MP is landing on Xiaomi instead of Note 20, yet again.


Samsung is working on another 108MP ISOCELL sensor, most possibly with their Nonacell technology. This particular technology combines nine pixels into a single pixel. The new ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor should come with Samsung Note 20, isn’t it? But nope, it seems that Samsung is letting Xiamoi use this sensor on their smartphone.

The new ISOCELL sensor commercial leverages Xiaomi, just like the first generation. It is also true that the sensor will be debuted on one of the smartphones designed and developed by Xiaomi later this year.

It is also possible that we may not see the new sensor on any of the Galaxy Note 20 devices. But the older ones, with Slim 3M5 and Fast 2L3 sensors altogether.

Source: Sammobile

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