How to export Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos

Facebook, Google

Facebook finally taking its data transfer tool global. Facebook launched this tool last year in Europe. Firstly, Facebook didn’t launch this tool globally. Now, it is available globally.

As part of the project, Facebook allows users to transfer their Facebook photos to Google photos. Facebook announced, that users can transfer to other platforms when companies join this data transfer project.

The feature is currently available on the web version of Facebook. Here is how you can use the feature to transfer all your photos.


Steps to transfer photos and videos to Google Photos.

1. Open Facebook and log in your account:


2. Now, click on ‘down’ arrow from the top right corner and head to Settings and Click on Your Facebook information:



3. Look for ‘Transfer a copy of your photos or video’ and click:

4. Click on ‘Choose destination’ drop-down menu and select Google Photos:


5. Now, choose Photos, if you want to transfer photos, else choose Videos option:


6. Click Next:

7. Authenticate your Google Account by entering the password and grant permission to transfer photos from Facebook to Google photos by clicking on Allow button in the popup window:

You can also repeat the same process to transfer videos. After this, all the photos and videos uploaded by you on Facebook will be transferred to Google Photos and you can now delete all your photos or simply delete the entire Facebook account.