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A Quick Look at How SEO Works


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the hands-down most important tools that are used by online businesses and personal websites alike. Effective SEO will ensure that your website gets plenty of traffic and clicks and if you have an online business, it will enable you to attract a lot of new customers. Implementing a successful SEO strategy needs a lot of know-how and experience, but understanding how SEO works is actually very simple. In this article, we will explain exactly how SEO works and also give some examples of the various types of SEO that are used to boost a website’s standing on search engine results pages.

Search Engines

All search engines are aiming towards the same goal; finding the end user with the best possible search results. This end user’s website will be boosted to the top of search engine results pages whenever a search phrase related to their website is input into Google. It is extremely beneficial to rank at the top of search engine results pages because web users will usually not even look down past the first 3 or 4 results.

If your website appears in the positions at the top, you will attract a greater amount of traffic which you can then convert into customers or which will allow you to make money through advertising and backlinks on your website. We also know that pay per click is how the search engines generate a large proportion of that profit, but because benefits are controlled by webmasters, it doesn’t always provide an accurate result and this is where organic listings and SEO comes in.

On-site SEO

The organic search result positions are decided by an algorithm that takes into consideration a range of variables. The experts of told us that the first part of SEO is called on-site SEO and it should ensure that your website correctly reflects your chosen keywords and that the context corresponds to the user’s query. Essentially what an SEO engineer does is to add a specific amount of relevant keywords to your website’s content. This will ensure that when those keywords are searched for, the search engine will see that your website has a lot of the same words and so you will be boosted up the rankings.

However, you cannot just write a list of the keywords on each page of your website. The Google algorithms are very sophisticated and are always on the lookout for anyone trying to game the system. The keywords must be integrated into your content in a seemingly organic way. A skilled SEO content writer will make sure that not only is your content optimized for the search engine algorithms, but that it is also quality content that is both informative and engaging for your visitors. There is no point in attracting huge amounts of traffic to your website through keyword SEO if when the visitors arrive your content is not interesting. They will simply leave your site and go elsewhere.

This kind of optimized content is important, but equally so are a site’s architecture, usability, and page loading times. If these are not up to scratch, then quite often the website will not even be searchable by the search engine spiders. All these features are analyzed and rated by the search engine spiders to check whether users can easily navigate throughout the site. Poorly designed, ill-functioning websites are frustrating for users and so search engines do not want to promote them by ranking them highly. An SEO engineer makes sure that the website doesn’t have any broken links and that the pages load smoothly and quickly. If the website is not fit for purpose, its ranking can be seriously affected.

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Off-Site SEO

As well as checking your website’s structure, content, and keyword volume and utilization, search engine algorithms also analyze the reputation and the importance of your website. This is done to differentiate between different websites with similar internal structures and contexts.

Simply put, if you have two identical websites in terms of content and design but what is referenced 100 times elsewhere on the internet and the other isn’t, the search engine algorithms will conclude that the website with 100 external references is more important, and will rank it higher on search engine results pages. To achieve this, off-site SEO methods are implemented. There are various ways that a website’s ranking can be improved by off-site SEO but the main way is through backlinks.

Backlinks are links that lead back to your website that appears on other external websites, blogs, or social media platforms. These links are implemented through anchor text within the content of an external source and the anchor text is very important. It must seem natural and non-promotional in order to be effective. Choosing the correct anchor text and placing it correctly is absolutely key in off-site SEO. Everything that is done through SEO is supposed to be organic or the algorithms will conclude that your backlinks have been paid for and you will be penalized in the rankings and could even be blacklisted altogether.

Essentially, if you do everything correctly, the search engine spiders conclude that your website is being talked about elsewhere so it must be important. The Golden Rule when it comes to link building, however, is quality over quantity. Sourcing 50,000 backlinks from one website that has no authority won’t be as effective as carefully selecting a couple of high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites. These are sites that themselves have a good reputation on search engine algorithms and so will be highly regarded when the algorithms are running their analysis of your site.

With so many websites it is a monumental task for search engines to decide which ones should be ranked higher and which have little value to users. Whilst websites that pay the search engines a lot of money will naturally be placed at the top of search engine results pages, websites with the best SEO will always lead the way in organic search results. SEO is very easy to understand but is a sophisticated and complex tool to use and so it is usually advisable to hire professional SEO engineers to implement it.