3 Professions that are Vitally Improved By Technology

A hundred years ago, communication in the workplace was limited to telegraphs and maybe phone calls—a groundbreaking invention back then. Now, communication has become a lot easier, and professions are continuously changing and adapting to new technological trends. Not only has technology changed the way we communicate, but it has also completely revolutionized the way we handle different work tasks. Young people, millennials, and Generation Z members, in particular, may not remember a time when technology was not easily accessible. So, it is always a good idea to reflect on the things we take for granted by taking a moment to see how things have changed for the better.


Check out the following list to know more about the top 3 professions that technology has vastly enhanced.


  • Medicine


It certainly does not come as a surprise that the medical field has hugely improved thanks to technology. By just looking at how patients were treated a few years ago, you can conclude that medical innovations are taking wide strides and helping more patients than ever before. Fifty years ago, malignant diseases like cancer were nearly untreatable; they were essentially seen as a death sentence. Now, cancer is not as scary as it used to be, and survival rates have greatly increased given how doctors now understand how tumors develop. Chemotherapy, radiation, and the like have become the holy grail of cancer treatments. 


Medical care has also become better; doctors and nurses do not have to closely monitor their patients anymore, as medical equipment helps them stabilize their patients. They can now monitor more than one patient at once in real-time without having to be in the same room. Even the process of diagnosing patients has changed. Medical care providers no longer have to dig into their patients’ family history because lab results usually come back within hours, not days as they used to. This is, of course, has helped medical care professionals compile detailed patient records instead of spending hours writing them by hand. Nowadays, patient records can be easily stored and retrieved with a click of a mouse.


  • Laws


While the laws have not vastly changed, the way lawyers now go about handling their clients’ cases has definitely evolved. Running or working for a law firm is hectic at best, and for this reason, many firms now depend on software to enhance how they operate. The seasoned software reviewers at https://www.digitallogic.co/best-law-firm-practice-management-software-reviews/ point out that modern law firms do not have to keep physical records of their clients anymore. Attorneys can easily keep an electronic version of such records to update them later without any hassle. This eliminates the risk of losing any important documents down the line. 


However, automation and documentation are not the only aspects of technology that have helped lawyers improve their performance on the job. The internet has made it easier for clients to find expert attorneys in their area and contact them to get an appointment. Moreover, remembering court schedules and adhering to deadlines are no longer headache-inducing. By just using simple software, attorneys can stay on top of things and make sure that they do not miss any court sessions or important hearings. Cutting costs is now on everyone’s minds, handling paychecks, bills, and other accounting tasks in law firms do not require hiring a professional, as software can do that and much more.


  • Marketing


Marketing is one of those niches that are now on the rise because of technology. A century ago, the marketing involved colorful newspaper ads and catchy slogans. While these techniques are by no means obsolete now, they have taken a back seat to open the way for more modern and effective ones like digital marketing. All businesses, regardless of their fields, have dedicated websites to market their services and broaden their customer base. Just think of what you do when you want to buy something; you google the service you need and look for nearby businesses. Search engine results are what most businesses use to attract more clients. Marketing techniques, like SEO in particular, are largely capitalizing on the power of search engines when it comes to linking clients with businesses. Also, social media and influencers have become a staple in the marketing plan of any business regardless of its size and reach.


When used effectively, technology can propel any profession forward. Even niches that were considered insignificant a few years ago have become extremely lucrative thanks to technology. Whether you work in medicine, law, marketing, or any other field, technology has something for everyone. Since there is no better time to start capitalizing on the power of technology than 2020, do your research, and see how you can improve your profession by using technology.

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