Why is Google being sued for $5 billion?


Search engine Google sued an amount of $5 billion. In a class-action suit filed in a California court for violation of its users’ privacy. Even when they browse in incognito mode.

In that suit filed, against Google is that becomes an issue on privacy. They filed against Google, saying that Google is collecting information from users. Which are confidential for customers like browsing history and other web activity data.

Among other things, it accuses Google of collecting, at a minimum, the consumer IP address. Browser and device information and the webpage content that the consumer is looking at.

Google’s incognito mode offers people the chance, to keep their browsing history private. Especially on shared devices, claiming that none of a user’s history is saved on their devices. It also adds that even “Chrome doesn’t tell websites, including Google.

Google also caution’s users, that their history can be seen by their internet provider. And sometimes by the school, when browsing school information. According to the petitioners, Google has collected and sold off its users’ personal information to third-party advertisers.

The petitioners say that since Google has violated the privacy. By numbering in multiples of million, each should receive more than $5,00 each. Which would make the minimum payout, due $5 billion if Google loses.