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Samsung to release an update for wallpaper bug.


A recent wallpaper bug has made Google, Samsung and other OEMs work tremendously this week. The bug, which makes your smartphone stuck on a boot loop on setting a particular wallpaper has been a mess recently.

In simple, if an image has a histogram value of more than 255, it will exceed the sRGB color space. It will eventually crash or boot loop your device. This is an Android Bug which affects all the Android smartphones and devices.

Including Samsung and Google, other OEMs are trying to fix this issue as soon as possible. Samsung is now making progress and will be ready to deploy the fix via a OTA update.

Although this issue has been detected from a single image, it might be possible that another image can do the same. Or hackers can gain access to your smartphone with this method.

And given that its Samsung, and how useless their update policy is, not most of the smartphones are going to get this update at all. Only flagships I guess.

Source: Sammobile

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