Google removes app that wanted you to delete ‘Chinese apps’ from Google play.

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Google suspended an app that wanted users to delete, ‘Chinese Apps’. Google suspended this app because this app does not follow the policies. App publishers are from India.

The app developers said in an interview that this app is developed. For ‘Educational Purpose’, app been downloaded by over 50 lakh users. And been the topmost free app in Google Playstore.

Now, the app is suspended from Google Playstore so, users can’t download the app now. But users who downloaded it can use it, However, note that using an Android app not verified by Google has it own risks.

Google, recently, also removed another app called Mitron. Dubbed as made in India alternative to TikTok, Mitron was downloaded by over 5 million users before it was taken down. Though in this case, Google did not reveal the reason for taking down the app.