Feature Drop

Feature Drop: Pixel devices received their third Feature Drop today.

Google, Pixel

Google Pixels today received their third feature drop from Google. Features Drops are the way how Google gives feature updates to its Pixel lineup. It is released every three months.

Other than the Pixel and Pixel XL, all of the other Pixels are getting this feature drop update today.

The feature list is as follows:

  1. Adaptive Battery: This helps the system to preserve battery by turning off unnecessary processes running in the background.
  2. Prepare for Bedtime: This is an update to the Digital Wellbeing feature in Android 10. Wind Down – is now Bedtime, and has some stuff to make you sleep better at night.
  3. Real-Life Protection: Well, accidents can happen; maybe someone got into an accident? What about you traveling alone? Well, this new update brings Safety Check that checks in with your family and friends when you start traveling alone and can send emergency notifications to them at once, that too in bulk.

As usual, you will get the update in stages. May be today, maybe tomorrow. But you will get it soon.

Source: Android Authority

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