Blazor WebAssembly

Blazor WebAssembly goes official, to replace Silverlight.


By October 2021, your Silverlight apps will become obsolete, as the framework will reach End-of-Life by that time. But before that even happens, Microsoft got your back. Microsoft has finally announced official Blazor WebAssembly today. Blazor is a new framework that will let your write WebAssembly codes in C# only.

Blazor had been under preview since a long time. It has got many features like Bi-Directional Data Binding, SignalR for making communication between server and the web app instantly, and many more.

If you fear JS, just like me, then you can dive into Blazor WebAssembly, only if you know C#. So to write a simple app, you need to know C# for logic and HMTL and CSS for UI.

And about your large JS APIs? Well, you can call all of them in C# as well.

There are several advantages of Blazor over Silverlight:

  1. Constant use of Web Open Standards,
  2. All Modern Web Browsers supported,
  3. It can be used with existing .NET libraries already.
  4. Write logic in C#, call JS APIs alongside.
  5. Visual Studio and VS Code provide amazing support for the WebAssembly.
  6. .NET Core is free, and cross-platform as well!
  7. Be it Windows, Linux, or macOS you are welcome!

For more, head to Blazor website (also made in Blazor WebAssembly).

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