Google Chrome gets its biggest-ever update


Google rolled out a new feature, for users and developers. Chrome version 83 brings out new features, for users among which the most important feature is group tabs.

Here, we take a look at some of the key features that have arrived in the latest Google Chrome update.


The new feature for organizing group tabs:


keeping a tab on the tab in Chrome has always been a Hassie but, with the latest version, Google has solved the problem. Users can now rename, colourise, and move around tabs in the tab bar, which makes it easier to segregate them.


More privacy in incognito mode:


Chrome will now give users to block third-party cookies in the incognito mode. Online advertisers won’t be able to track users via these cookies. Which will give users more privacy.


Users get a Safety Check option:


Google Chrome as a new Safety Check tool now, which sans if the browser is running on the latest version or not. The most critical thing it does is that it checks if any user’s passwords, have been compromised or not.

Cookie settings get a new important feature:


With Chrome’s latest versions, users can manage and delete cookies for individual sites. This will make browsing smoother and this is a feature that was introduced by Mozilla Firefox.


These are some of the key features, which are rolled out in Google Chrome’s new feature. Google introduced several features for users and developers. Which aims to provide a better browsing experience.