Google Pixel 4a

Google survey gives us a first look at latest Pixels’ price

Android, Google

As we come closer to the rumoured launch date of this year’s Pixel series, a new hint from Google almost confirms their price. Google has a Rewards app where they send surveys to the users for gaining Google Play credit. Today a Reddit user who goes by the name u/Pop-Quiz_Kid received a survey that asked feedback about phone pricing. From the image, we see the user has been given two options which are describing two smartphones. The description of the “Google Pixel Phone” such as the “Durable plastic Body” and “3.5mm headphone jack” suggests Pixel 4a. And the price $349 given below it, is somewhat resemblance to the leaks going around. In the right section, we have “Premium Google Pixel Phone” which hints at the upcoming Pixel 5. However, the starting price of $699 is what’s new as previous-generation Pixel flagships started at $799. The question however is, why would Google release a survey that leaks the price of their upcoming products. Maybe they are trying to understand people’s interest in those products.