Google Pixel 4a

Price Battle: Can Google Pixel 4a undercut iPhone SE after launch?


Apple launched the iPhone SE, the budget-centric iPhone a few weeks back. The pricing was good, but not good enough, given the improper specifications. So you should buy one? Well, hold on! Google Pixel 4a is also going to launch. And as per the benchmarks, it outperforms the Pixel 3a already. However, it is yet to be seen, how it performs in the real work.

But it s certain that the Google Pixel 4a will undercut iPhone SE by a $50 or more after launch. The pricing of the iPhone SE is around $399 for 64GB storage. And the pricing might be quite similar for the Pixel 4a. Which was stated previously.

However, 9to5Google says that at a lower -$50 price, you will get twice that storage, which is 128GB out of the box in 4a. In other words, for a price of $349 you will get 128GB of storage, whereas for low as $299, you will get the 64GB variant.

With such a lower price to begin with, Pixel 4a is going to sell ridiculously faster than the “cheapest” iPhone in the market.

Source: Android Central

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