Microsoft now phasing out Windows 10 32-bit OS for good.

Starting Windows 10 May 2020 update, you will no more get 32-bit OS anymore. This is because most modern computers are shipping within 64-Bit processors, which are capable of computing more data than 32-bit processors.

Although 64-bit OS can do what 32-bit can do, however, running a 32-bit processor on a 64-bit processor is just a bit of overkill. However, if you own a computer that has a 64-bit processor, you can switch to 64-bit easily. But you should have at least 8GB of RAM for the safer side to run Windows 10 64-bit OS. The minimum requirement is 4GB for the same.

Due to 64-bit becoming a norm, Microsoft has decided to phase out the 32-bit OS variant for good. So, with the next major update, that is May 2020 update, you will no longer get 32-bit OS. Not even your OEMs can provide the same to your system anymore.

However, the security and bug fixes will be made available on a regular basis. Even the November 2019 update will be available for download, in case you need it.

And if you own an older hardware, well, nothing can be done in your case as well.

Source: Windows Latest

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