YouTube Music

YouTube Music will let you transfer songs and playlist from Google Play Music.

YouTube Music

In an official reddit post, YouTube Music posted about a new migration feature rollout. The transfer function, which will let you transfer all your songs, playlists, etc to YouTube Music is going to be made available soon.

The new migration process will start rolling out for everyone within the next couple of weeks. The migration will include likes and dislikes, songs, playlist, albums, stations, purchases, and uploads. However, there is no option to transfer play counts, as mentioned in one of their comments.

Just head to to start transferring your content. Do note, as already mentioned, the service will start rolling out in coming weeks, so you might be greeted with the following:

No need to panic, if you see that.

When the feature will be made available, you will be notified via the app or email.

When you start the transfer, it may take a few hours to a few days. This all depends on how much content you are transferring. After the transfer is complete, you will be again notified. Post transfer, you can enjoy the music from your YouTube Music app or website, or GPM (for the time being). You are allowed to transfer more than once.

Do note, by the end of this year, Google will dissolve GPM for good now.

Source: Reddit

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